About IBYC

Every year in September, SNITTS arranges the ”Innovation by Collaboration” conference, a meeting place for organisations and individuals who work with commercialisation and utilisation of research and knowledgeBetween seminars, workshops and leading speakers, there is plenty of time to exchange experiences and knowledge. The conference is a highly appreciated event, visited by over 150 participants from all over the Swedish innovation system. Take the opportunity to develop your network!


The purpose of the conference is to increase knowledge transfer and interaction between individuals within the innovation system.


The visitors represent all of the Swedish innovation system. About 70% of the guests represent the academia and the rest public agencies, industry and research institutes. Since 2015 Innovation by Collaborations first day has an international approach and all sessions will be held in english. Therefore we would like to invite all our international collegues to participate to the first day of the conference.

The organisation behind the conference

Swedish Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer Support (www.snitts.se) is a national member organisation for professionals in the borderland between the academy, industry and public sector.

SNITTS provides professional development for its members through monitoring the outer world, creating awareness and development of their skills. You find members of SNITTS throughout the Swedish innovation support system; within academia, institutes, industry and the public sector.

SNITTS focus on to increase awareness and knowledge of the important role that those who works in the intersection between academia, industry and society has. In some cases also called Technology Transfer Managers. We increase the efficiency of the system by providing a national platform for mapping of actors and activities, exchange of processes and methods and also professional development. Through SNITTS study trips and international collaborations the members are offered a broader outlook for a more competitive Sweden.